A new standardized web -based pain assessment tool for use in palliative care of cancer patients.

Web -based pain and symptoms assessment

Head of the Department of Oncology at St.Olavs Hospital, Prof. Stein Kaasa, has seen the need to improve the treatment of patients with incurable diseases. By using Eir the doctor will get a good overview of the patients situation, as well as advice on treatments that has been proven to be beneficial in the past. Eir is a user friendly tool that makes it easy for the patients to describe their current situation. The information given to Eir is synchronized and stored in the electronic medical records. This means that the patients don’t need to repeat their story. As a result the quality of the treatment is increased, and the process is far more efficient.
We believe that the use of information technology will facilitate the implementation of assessment and classification systems as well as guidelines into clinical practice and thus improve cancer pain treatment. A more comprehensive software also covering cachexia and further common symptoms in cancer patients is under development.


Project Manager:Eivind Andersen
Phone: +47 900 30 570
E-mail: Eivind.Andersen@ntnu.no