A novel method for the treatment of headache and a novel surgical navigation device.

Daniel F. Bratbak at St.Olavs Hospital in co-operation with NTNU and NTNU Technology Transfer AS have developed a new therapeutic method for treatment of primary headache, including migraine, cluster and tension-type headache.

The method consists of blocking a neural structure called the sphenopalatineganglion by a high-precision administration of botulinum toxin (e.g. Botox). This procedure is done with a novel image-guided device. Both method and device is pending patent by NTNU Technology Transfer AS.

Clinical trials are being conducted on migraine-patients at St.Olavs hospital. The film on the right illustrates the procedure:
This device is also adaptable for a wide range of image-guided procedures. Such procedures may be:
  • Injections
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Fine needle biopsy
  • Puncture and aspiration

Use your mouse to wiev a 3D-model of the MultiGuide:


Project Manager: Jørgen Nordahl
Phone: +47 992 33 812
E-mail: Jorgen.Nordahl@ntnu.no